Welcoming of the visitors

Most visitors of the city are attracted by the figure of Arany János and his cult. In Salonta, at the Truncated Tower, the memorial museum offers the greatest collection of personal objects of the poet, a great part of his library and his manuscripts. Moreover, the Arany Gate is located on the place where the house of the poet once was.
In order to develop local tourism, local government initiated several projects to make the tourist objectives more accessible, during the last years. A tourist route with indicators was created, which helps those who want to visit the sights of the city. Thus, a map placed in the front of the Reformed Church shows a route with the following sites: the birth place of Zilahy Lajos and of Sinka István (as it is used today, it cannot be visited, but there is a commemorative plate), the Arany Gate, the birth place of Kulin György, the Truncated Tower, the park of statues (with the statues of Bocskai István, Kossuth Lajos, Arany, Sinka, Zilahy, Kiss István and Kulin György).
Furthermore, a special interest is represented by the Sinka István craftsmen circle, which introduces visitors in the world of pearls, pottery and wood sculpture.
A series of restaurants offer their services for all those who want to visit Salonta and accommodation can be found in hotels, motels and pensions.